How to use the SmartMyData service?

The SmartMyData team configures a single processing scenario taking into account your data processing needs. This processing chain is hosted on a cloud and can be called up via different channels (our SaaS platform, by API, via FTP, etc.).SmartMyData can also create custom connectors for your applications. A number of connectors are already in existence: Google Suite, Akeneo, Algolia, Power BI, Prestashop ...

Via the Saas SmartMyData platform

Data loading is done manually by dragging and dropping on the platform. Data recovery can be done by downloading once processing is complete.


File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a communication protocol for sharing files on a TCP / IP network.

By API SmartMyData

The call to our API allows you to launch the processing of a project and to follow its progress.

By client API

It is of course possible to call a client API and thereby receive the files to be processed.

By external url

Retrieving the file from its deposit url. The url is interrogated by an HTTP GET type request.

By email

An email address specific to data recovery is created.
The processing carried out upon receipt of the email may concern the body of the email or its attachments.

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