Build article content from an EAN code


A merchant wants to create an ecommerce site but only has the EAN codes of his products and a brief description for information. We suggest that it retrieve as much information as possible on the web from EAN codes, in particular long descriptive content, product characteristics and their photos.

The recovered content will be cleaned of various abbreviations and information deemed unnecessary.
For the images, a treatment will make it possible to put them to the same dimension.

For this initial mission, the restitution must be in the form of an Excel file which will be imported into the Prestashop CMS.

The merchant is now considering automating the process. With each new product, the EAN code is sent to the platform which sends the content and image to the Prestashop CMS.


Scenario used


Scraping worker

Retrieve information on the websites concerned


ETL worker

Cleanses and formats data


Image worker

Resize images and add white background


Prestashop worker

Sends data to the Prestashop site

SmartMyData - Example result for collecting EAN products

(Extract from a results file in CSV format)

Return on investment

Project delivered in 1 week instead of several months internally

Unit treatment cost going from € 12 to € 0.15.

A reassignment of employees to more rewarding tasks.

A reduction in the risks associated with human intervention.