General presentation

The objectives of the SmartMyData platform

The ability to automate recurring and time-consuming tasks and the efficient interconnection between applications are strategic issues today for all companies.
By first relying on information structuring, SmartMyData's IPA (Intelligent Process Automation) platform makes it possible to:
• Quickly create high added value automation scenarios;
• Fully exploit the data capital present within each company.
The strength of the technology is to allow the rapid creation of a data processing scenario combining different types of actions: extracting all types of information, converting them to the repository and vocabulary used and then enriching them.

Operating mode

You describe your need for data processing and the SmartMyData team sets up a processing scenario. This processing chain is hosted in the cloud and can be called up via different channels (our SaaS platform, by API, via FTP, etc.).
Of course, the same customer can have as many scenarios as necessary, corresponding to as many use cases (marketing, logistics, etc.), formats (csv, pdf, etc.) or input diagrams (different supplier repositories, etc. ).

From a technical point of view

The Smartmydata platform is based on an architecture made up of micro services. A micro service is a light program dedicated to a specific functionality.
Linking the micro services one behind the other allows the creation of high added value scenarios. Each micro service is called a "worker"
Example of use case:
1. Collection of documents on the web (Scraping worker)
2. Extracting text from these documents (OCR Worker)
3. Classification of text elements in a data model (NLP Worker)
4. Display of extracted elements in a data visualization application

Classic deployment of the platform

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