Document labeling


How to label documents of various types and determine their usability?

A bank specializing in automobile financing for individuals needs to improve its process for processing loan applications. Each reseller sends the financing request documents in files without description. Part of the recognition of documents is done by an offshore service and knowing if the files are complete takes 3 to 4 days.

The mission consists of a double labeling of documents. On the one hand, knowing what type is a document among the 25 possible types; on the other hand, correctly label the usable and unusable documents, in order in the latter case, to immediately send a request for confirmation to the reseller.lallowing him to return the file .

Example of an exploitable document

Example of non-exploitable document


Scenario used


OCR Worker

Recovers text from a scanned image (pdf of photos)



Cleans and formats data and categorizes documents


Prediction Worker

Determines the operability of documents


API Worker

Sends the files to the validation service

Return on investment

Cleaning, standardization, control and consolidation of information.

Automatic double labeling of documents

3 days saved on the financing request