Building compliance and safety

550 employees


The BatiSanté group is a company specializing in all building compliance and security processes for more than 30 years on French soil.

Batisanté intervenes in particular in a context of technical control of elevators, with the administrators of private property, private and public real estate.

Equipped with a tablet,an expert from BatiSanté carries out the check which consists of taking approximately 100 measurements and notes. All these data then allow the construction of a 12-page report in pdf format which has the advantage of being readable by a human eye.

But various BatiSanté client companies must retrieve all of the control information in their ERP, requiring an import in csv format (spreadsheet).

The conversion task was carried out by BatiSanté operators, manually entering each of the information from the pdf file into the csv file. On average, it takes an operator about 30 minutes per file to enter all the required information.

(Extract from an elevator technical inspection report used by Batisanté)


Among the solutions considered, SmartMyData'sbest met all the constraints expressed by the information systems department of BatiSanté: ease of implementation, maximum automation of the process, possible integration into the Batisanté IS.In summary, have a solution for extracting data from PDF documents that works automatically and quickly!

Step 1: Upload documents via SaaS SmartMyData

Step 2: Recover 100 pdf files processed in 3 minutes

SmartMyData - Batisanté PDF Extraction: CSV

Return on investment

3 minutes of execution for 100 documents (compared to 50 hours previously).

Unit treatment cost going from € 18 to € 0.5.

A reassignment of employees to more rewarding tasks.

A reduction in the risks associated with human intervention.

Customer testimonial

“SmartMyData worked for BatiSanté on a few clients
and obtained very concrete and impressive results. ”

Mounir Adben