Accident declaration


How to automatically extract data from accident report documents?

A major company in the construction industry has his accident reports made from Word templates. There are several declaration templates, which complicates their reporting by operators. In addition, some documents are scanned and are no longer available in the form of word documents but in pdf with an image.

The objective of the mission is to be able to automatically retrieve all the information present on these documents and to restore it in the form of a table. This will completely eliminate the tedious work of operators. The advantages are better control of the entire process, a much lower processing cost and almost real-time information capture.



Accident declaration form where a lot of information is to be extracted.


Automated processing in our Smart My PDF solution.


Retrieval of all information sorted and stored in a CSV document or in your IS

Return on investment

Automatic extraction of all important data on accident reports.

Cleaning, standardization, control and consolidation of information.

The data is immediately available and allows you to make the right decisions.

Accessible via our SaaS or API and can be directly integrated into your IS.

And then ?

Example of possible data visualization