About SmartMyData

When SmartmyData was created in 2014, the problem we wanted to solve was to be able to organize information as quickly as possible in order to facilitate its integration. Coming from the world of e-commerce, we spent a considerable amount of energy structuring and qualifying the product catalogs of our suppliers.

The poor quality of the data, the repositories and vocabulary specific to each structure singularly complicate the use of a whole mine of information. This problem is universal whatever the sector of activity, the service or the size of the company!

Based on strong expertise in data management and the result of more than five years of R&D, our technology enables the automation of a set of complex operations.

We believe that employees and their time are the most valuable resources in your business! Our mission is to revolutionize the processes and the business of our customers by offering a Smart Automation as a Service solution: directly exploitable data accessible via our SaaS platform in order to free up employees' time for tasks with higher added value.

A team at your service!

Project Manager