Creation of pre-intervention tickets from emails


How to automate the creation of pre-intervention tickets from emails?

The customer service department of a company receives several hundred daily emails, which their employees must read in order to extract various information such as the address and the nature of the intervention to be scheduled. Once this is understood, the email is then dispatched to the department concerned.

The objective of our mission is to automate the creation of pre-intervention tickets from these emails, by classifying the emails by theme and when it comes to intervention, extract the address, then compare this address with the directory of site addresses in the customer's ERP. The aim is to considerably reduce processing times and make the process more reliable.



Data extraction from emails


Personalized semi-automated processing


Retrieval of all information sorted and stored in DB

Scenario used


OCR Worker

Extract text from attachments


ETL Worker

Cleanses and formats data


NLP Worker

Categorizes texts


Geolocation API

Normalizes extracted addresses


Database Worker

Save to database

Return on investment

Automatic extraction of all important data from the document.

Cleaning, standardization, control and consolidation of information.

The data is immediately available for drafting reports.

Accessible via our SaaS or API and can be directly integrated into your IS.

Dashboard proposed for project management

The dashboard proposed after the first analysis to better visualize the important trends:

The view presented shows all of the activity, and as in any data visualization, it is possible to filter by facet: know the number of urgent emails for intervention requests, better understand customers by volume of requests, etc. ...

The analysis of the emails showed that 30% of the volume was internal to the company, in particular because the initial dispatch made by customer service was not the correct one.