A multitude of possible data processing

Extract, normalize, consolidate your data in automatic mode

The processing possible via the SmartMyData platform is identical to most ETL-type applications: a complete suite of data preparation processing that can be chained together. But at SmartMyData you don't need any special tools or skills, we take care of everything for you.


Input data (Word, spreadsheet, PDF, web, BDD, ...)


Automated processing to retrieve actionable information


Retrieval of all information that can be directly integrated into your IS

Below, some examples of treatments often used

Aggregation of different sources

Your data is present in a set of different sources and formats? We aggregate all of these sources into one so you can have all your data in one place.

Standardization of information

Each company organizes its information according to its own logic and vocabulary. We "translate" the information received to your repository to facilitate integration into your information system.

Text Mining

Text analysis makes it possible to exploit the information contained in the body of documents, emails, etc. by extracting them and then structuring them. This technique makes it possible to exploit a whole set of previously untapped content.

Data enrichment

All the information received can often be supplemented by a large amount of additional information through external services. For example, knowing the GPS points of an address will allow a point to be displayed on a map in data visualization.

Our use cases

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