Your structured data on simple call!

We create automation scenarios to structure your data, from any format (Excel, pdf ...) and source.
Get your data directly usable in your applications, save a lot of time on integration.

Optimize your operational excellence!

Your actionable data
Make the most of an underexploited resource, the information contained in your files (PDF, CSV, etc.).

Return on investment

Divide by 5 the time spent by your teams extracting useful information from your files.

A smart platform

Which allows you to reallocate your time to tasks with much higher added value.

Our solutions

Your structured data on demand

Need to extract, normalize or consolidate your data?
Discover our complete and automated suite of data processing and preparation.

Automate data extraction from your documents

Do you have a lot of important information to retrieve in documents?
Retrieve all the valuable information contained in your pdf documents (supplier invoice, CV, product sheet, etc.) automatically

Automate data extraction from the web

Automatically retrieve the wealth of information available on the web that is useful to your business
Our Smart My Collect solution allows you to retrieve information from almost any website. It is also possible to connect it to multiple online APIs and structure the information to make it directly usable.

Recover your data from a pdf catalog

Are your product data / supplier data available in PDF catalogs?
Discover our Smart My Catalog solution, our solution for extracting data from your catalogs.

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