Focus on optimizing financial flows

We automate the invoicing of training courses on behalf of a major car manufacturer, and their reimbursement by the OPCO. This means much faster processing, and simpler, more reliable exchanges between partners.

1. File reception

Receipt of a spreadsheet file of training courses taken from the manufacturer's LMS (Learning Management System).

2. Data processing

Processing of this data to extract and clean up the key information needed to validate the training courses by the concessions.

3. Database insertion

Insertion of training and employee data in their respective tables.

4.Creating forms

Creation of validation forms in html format.

5.Sending validation emails

Send training validation emails to dealers, directing them to the online form.

6. Database registration

Database storage of form information in dedicated tables (training courses and employees).

7. Invoice creation

Creation of invoices for training costs and course certificates in PDF format.

8. Recording entries

Record accounting entries in a dedicated table.

9.Document storage

Storage of documents created in the secure user area.

10. EDI document creation

For each batch of invoices, an EDI document is created, containing all the information required by the OPCO to process invoiced training courses and their ancillary costs.

11. Grouping invoices

Bundle invoices, certificates and EDI documents in a zip file.

12. Save ZIP file

Save the ZIP file in the OPCO secure space.

Return on investment

Considerable savings in time and money, and an increase in processing volumes.

Time required by project operators reduced by a factor of 4
Increased processing speed and cash flow for partners
Capacity to ramp up processing volumes (number of training courses)
Automated document production (invoices and training certificates) and more reliable calculations

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