Automate web content collection

Product Manager

A retailer wants to set up an e-commerce site, but only has the EAN codes of his products and a very brief title for information.

This means collecting all content and description information on the web, and standardizing image characteristics and sizes.

The output should be in the form of an Excel file, which will be imported into the Prestashop CMS.

The solution

The scraping module retrieved content from the web. The function module cleaned up the various abbreviations and standardized attributes to facilitate site searches.

The image worker resized the images and added a white background.

Source data and workflow

Web collect




Return on investment

A project delivered in 1 week, while reducing time and costs.

Project delivered in 1 week instead of several months in-house

Time required by project operators reduced by a factor of 4

Reallocation of employees to more rewarding tasks

Reduced risks associated with human intervention

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